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Winning Deals In Heels,
Let Me Ask You This,
Profitable Landlord System

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Investing With Your Small Dollar IRA  Writing A Book As a Marketing Strategy


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Learn how to invest in real estate using your IRA Funds with as little as $100 in your account!

How to Grow your Small Dollar IRA

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Looking to get into the short-term rental business?  Multiple ways to make money with thisinvestment strategy – some don’t even require a property!

How to Start an Airbnb Business

Gloria – goes by Glo, looking at retiring in 5 years, divorced, kids are grown. Worries about having enough money for retirement – does not want to be a burden to her children

Caitlyn– likes to be called Cat, likes to have fun, is outgoing, likes to travel, struggling with her career choice, wants to have more time and money to travel.

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Nancy is a strong female speaker who provides great value, while also keeping her presentations engaging and entertaining. She has joined Quest Trust as a guest speaker for several of events, participating in some of the largest Quest events to date. Not only is she familiar with self-directing her own IRA for real estate investing, but she is also knowledgeable about raising private capital and other creative strategies. We love working with Nancy on projects and events, because she always brings incredible value to our clients to help teach them something new, and truly understands the types of investments that she educates about.  
- H. Gant

I would like to take this time to let you know that we really appreciated the webinar you did for our clients. You did such a wonderful job teaching the clients the success that they can have as Investors using our lists here at Foreclosures Daily. Our clients had nothing but wonderful things to say about you. You did a phenomenal job on explaining your process and how you have been able to do so well in the Real Estate industry. - T. Cousins

I recently completed Nancy's "How To Grow Your Small Dollar IRA" training, and, if you've ever had interest in finding out about using an IRA for your real estate business, I highly recommend this training. This training program provides the options for practical applications. I've recommended Nancy's training to several colleagues and they have expressed interest in finding ways to put their capital to work for them as savings accounts, as income producing accounts, & also as a source of funds for real estate transactions. The training outlines the steps to take to get you started so you can take advantage of the options presented in the course.
- J. Henson