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Thank you Chris Naugle for having me on your podcast!  What a great time talking about the market and the red flags everyone should be on the look out for!!! Successful investors will know when to "pivot"!

Presidents’ Circle Member Nancy Wallace of KBN Homes talks with Abhi Golhar about her book “Winning Deals in Heels” as well as marketing strategies. We also have a market update of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Abhi also lists the 10 ways for beginners NOT to lose money on real estate deals. Plus, Abhi talks about the two groups of people you should be focusing on when building and renovating single family homes.

Finding a mentor was an obvious choice, which led to a 9 year partnership in property management, and then on to buying rentals, flipping houses and creating notes.Over the years Nancy has learned the value of outsourcing, building systems, and building the proper infrastructure within her business to be able to run a successful real estate business.

Winning Deals in Heals - The Power of Networking - Property Taxes are Killing Texas Cash Flow

Winning Deals in Heels With Nancy Wallace-Laabs

Women investing real estate and winning deals.

Learn to eliminate fear and create success.

Scott Carson Discusses Doing Deals in Heels with Nancy Wallace-Laabs

In this episode of the Best Deal Ever Show, today's guest shares how she bought a property for $10,000 and then was able to find a buyer via seller financing for an INSANE ROI.