Want to learn how to find deals? My Top Three Ways to find Real Estate Deals

Number 1 Question in Real Estate Investing “Where Do You Find Deals”

***Check out the link below: 100 ways to find Real Estate Deals A successful real estate investor is always on the look-out for the next deal. Developing a marketing strategy for your next deal, keeping leads in your pipeline is the bread and butter of a successful real estate investor.

Whenever I present at conferences, webinars, or networking events, regardless of the topic, the number one question I am asked: How do you find your deals?

And it got me thinking, because whether you are a new real estate investor, or you have been in real estate investing for several years, our common thread as investors is where is the next deal coming from!

"What is the number one thing that people want to know about?"

They want to know, "

“How do you find deals? Where are the deals?" AND my answer is:

“They are everywhere” if you are looking! There are many ways to market for real estate deals, but in this article, I am going to share my top three marketing strategies I use to find real estate deals.

Before I dive into my top three strategies, let me share other marketing strategies that did not give me the same results I was looking for: 

Door Knocking – not for the faint of heart in the heat of Texas! 

Yellow Letters – my open rate was low, response to a popular investor strategy 

Cold Calling & Text campaigns - I know I am annoyed when I get “robo” calls, so I found the same type of response 

Direct mail to absentee owners, tired landlords and foreclosure lists – found these lists heavily marketed by other real estate investors – extremely competitive, however, I do like absentee/landlord lists

Here are my go-to top three Marketing Strategies:

1. Referrals – accounts for 15% of all my real estate deals. I tell everyone I meet; I am a real estate investor. I weave it into conversations with: a. Past sellers b. Past Buyers c. Realtors d. Clerk at checkout – I usually wait to go through a line, rather than bag myself e. Bank Tellers – a wise person once told me always go inside the bank (pre-Covid!) f. Drycleaners g. Seat mates – when flying h. Uber/Lyft Drivers i. Anyone I have contact with I am old school, and hand out a ton of business cards with my phone number and email, and have had people pass them onto their family members, co-workers, etc. Someone always knows someone who has a house/property to sell!

2. Driving For Dollars - accounts for 25% of all my real estate deals  The Process: Whenever I am out and about for errands, going to seller appointments, etc., I add 15 minutes to my drive time, circle the neighborhoods I will be close to, and drive up and down (and alleys) looking for that one house that looks extremely distressed  Write down the address  Look up the property address via tax records to find owner name and address if different than address I just drove by  Mail out a postcard OR a note card with a simple message

3. Pre-Probate Leads – accounts for 60% of all my real estate deals a. Purchase list b. Hired a mom from my neighborhood that handwrites my note cards (I buy blank note cards from the Dollar Store) c.

My Message is simple: Dear XXX Family, we are I interested in the property at 123 Main St., if you are interested in selling, please give us a call. Sincerely No matter what type of marketing strategy you use, the key element – Consistency AND Follow up! Thanks for watching, please give me a like and subscribe to my channel! For more about me visit:


Click here for the 100 ways to market for real estate deals!

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